The KETOS mission is inspired by a personal experience, driven to make an impact and fueled by the latest technological advances.


Poised as a change-agent to drive global impact, KETOS is on a mission to enhance global health through clean, healthful drinking water. The KETOS mission also extends to the health of industries in which understanding of water quality and utilization metrics play a critical role. In fact – our solutions benefit any water that is processed. Customers can use the real-time, actionable data and insights to inform operating decisions and foresee major events before they occur.

Unlike other companies in the water arena, KETOS has defined the water market from a unique lens with a larger view of integrated problem-solving. This has resulted in developing a solution that leverages technology to address multiple, interconnected issues. 

By addressing both the conservation and safety issues of the world’s water problem, the KETOS approach is a truly holistic one.

This, along with our technology foundation of innovative hardware, secure IoT connectivity and a robust, intelligent software platform, sets KETOS apart from all others addressing water issues.  We then differentiate ourselves even further by making our solutions affordable. After all, what good are mission-critical, life-sustaining breakthroughs if they aren’t accessible?