Merchant’s Garden Automates and Expedites Water Quality and Nutrient Testing with KETOS SHIELD

In a groundbreaking collaboration, KETOS, a pioneering water technology company, has joined forces with Merchant’s Garden AgroTech Inc. to propel water quality management in vertical and indoor farming operations to new heights. This innovative partnership will reshape how the company approaches water monitoring, ensuring healthier crops, reduced resource wastage, and elevated sustainability.

A Transformative Solution for Water Quality Management

KETOS, renowned for its cutting-edge water intelligence solutions, helps companies like Merchant’s Garden digitally transform their water monitoring operations via KETOS SHIELD—a game-changing tool designed to deliver real-time insights into water quality. This advancement will ensure Merchant’s Garden, an Arizona-based urban farming champion renowned for its commitment to sustainable and accessible fresh produce, has complete visibility into its water quality.

By integrating the KETOS SHIELD, Merchant’s Garden gains continuous, accurate data capture of water quality. This dynamic monitoring process guarantees precise nutrient saturation across various systems, including mineralization, hydroponics, and aquaponics. Unlike traditional practices involving cumbersome water sample submissions to remote labs, KETOS SHIELD furnishes instantaneous results, sparing invaluable time and resources so water operators can act in the moment and tweak water composition on the fly.

The Nexus of Precision and Growth

Water quality is the bedrock of success for vertical and indoor farming operations like those at Merchant’s Garden. Through the lens of aquaponics—a revolutionary blend of hydroponics and aquaculture—water quality becomes even more pivotal. This unique soilless cultivation system orchestrates a series of dynamic interactions that nurture biodynamic leafy greens and herbs. Without the proper balance of water and nutrients, entire crops can suffer.

KETOS SHIELD is the sentinel against crop failure guarding this delicate water/nutrient balance. It equips Merchant’s Garden with real-time analysis of over 30 crucial water parameters, extending beyond nutrient levels to encompass a holistic understanding of water quality. The system’s modularity, threshold-based alerts, and customizable reporting ensure that no deviation goes unnoticed, enhancing the precision and agility vital for optimizing aquaponic environments.

A Quantum Leap in Water Intelligence

KETOS’ disruptive innovation breaks the traditional mold of water sampling. The KETOS SHIELD’s power lies in its capacity to demystify water quality analysis while presenting lab-accurate results. This technology grants unprecedented insights into historical trends, mission-critical diagnostics, and real-time alerts through advanced machine learning and automated reporting.

For urban aquaponic cultivation, this translates into actionable intelligence. The KETOS SHIELD streamlines operations and elevates the relationship between communities and hyper-local food sources. Chaz Shelton, Founder, and CEO of Merchant’s Garden, asserts that this integration revolutionizes their mission of accessibility and affordability, allowing them to effectively manage rapidly evolving living systems.

A Sustainable Tomorrow, Nurtured Today

KETOS’ ethos resonates with the urgency of our times—to conserve and cherish the world’s most precious resource (water). By enabling more intelligent water management, KETOS allows organizations to do more with less. Vertical farming has a similar ethos, with water and land conservation baked into the business model. 

As Meena Sankaran, CEO & Founder of KETOS, aptly puts it, “KETOS is pleased to work with an industry innovator like Merchant’s Garden, as they bring fresh, quality produce to consumers, saving massive amounts of water in the process.” The symbiotic partnership between KETOS and Merchant’s Garden marks a definitive step toward preserving water for generations, fostering robust crops, and nourishing communities with accessible, locally grown, and nutrient-rich produce.


In essence, the alliance between KETOS and Merchant’s Garden is a testament to water intelligence’s transformative power in modern agriculture.

Learn more about KETOS’ partnership with Merchant’s Garden in our Press Release.

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