Ease of Use & No Training Required with KETOS

Digital water solutions don’t have to be complex, and long hours and expensive training sessions aren’t necessary with KETOS. When Breakwater Energy installed KETOS in their operations, they were surprised by how easily the solution monitored real-time water quality- and how fast their operators could onboard the system.

You can listen in on how they found their KETOS onboarding experience here:

Zero Training Required

While many other monitoring and testing solutions might require specialized training or sampling with off-site personnel actually doing the water quality testing, KETOS makes everything easy and immediate for water operators. 

The collected data uploads to a secure cloud, with details of the monitored parameters appearing to authorized personnel via customizable dashboards. The information is easily accessed and easy to understand, which helps remove third-party labs or data scientists traditionally needed to translate the data into usable insights.

Self Cleaning and Self Calibrating with PaaS Capabilities

On-site personnel not only do not have to worry about rigorous training, but they also don’t have to worry about equipment maintenance or software updating. KETOS’ hardware is self-cleaning and calibrating to ensure each water sample is pulled and measured with lab accuracy. The software side of the solution is based on the SaaS model, meaning dashboards are constantly updating to give organizations the most recent KETOS offering automatically. The result is a unique platform as a service delivery method where KETOS handles all equipment maintenance quarterly, provides self-sufficient hardware between health checks and offers the latest software that regularly adds more parameters for an organization to take advantage of. This is provided for a low monthly fee, allowing companies to monitor their water quality for pennies on the dollar.

Testing Capabilities Without the Complexity

KETOS allows water operators to set their testing parameters, from what they want to test to how often tests should run. During implementation, KETOS helps companies set up the dashboards and the parameters to ensure they are capturing exactly what they need when they need it. 

With 30+ parameters to choose from, companies can monitor for:

– Environmental factors (Total Dissolved Solids, Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen)

– Inorganics (Alkalinity, Dissolved Boron, Dissolved Silica, Free Chlorine, Residual Chlorine, Total Hardness)

– Heavy metals (Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Calcium)

– Nutrients (Orthophosphates, Nitrates)

APIs and SCADA Systems

Many organizations may already have monitoring capabilities via SCADA systems that just may not hit every parameter they need. However, KETOS can use APIs to tie directly into existing equipment, including SCADA solutions, to draw data from multiple sources and centralize the collected information in one place. Water operators and their staff don’t need to train themselves on a whole new system or work to bridge the gap between disparate silos when using KETOS. Instead, everything becomes centralized in order to make monitoring that much easier. 

Hear how the Southern Nevada Water Authority is saving money on manual sampling and automatically monitoring water quality in a remote locations with real-time water quality data.

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