Vertical Farming World Awards 2023

KETOS has once again been recognized for its unique approach to water monitoring. We are thrilled to announce that KETOS SHIELD was recently honored with the prestigious 2023 Zenith Global Vertical Farming World Award in the “Best AI/Automation Development” category. This most recent award, coming on the heels of a win at the AgTech Breakthrough Awards (“Water Monitoring Innovation of the Year 2023”), is a testament to our commitment to advancing digital water technology and its crucial role in the future of agriculture. 

We’re proud to stand beside so many great companies that are bringing technology to the forefront of agriculture in new and inspiring ways – and we’re happy also to announce that KETOS alum Bowery Farming was also a winner this year in the category of Best Business Diversification/Development.

You can find a full list of winners for the 2023 Vertical Farming World Awards here.

Vertical Farming and the Embrace of Digital Water Technology

Vertical farming revolutionizes agriculture by enabling year-round crop cultivation in controlled environments. It’s a sustainable way to produce fresh, pesticide-free vegetables, herbs, and fruits, all while conserving land and water resources. Vertical farming in particular, as an extremely controlled way of growing cops, thrives on technological advances to improve its output and yield. These types of indoor agriculture setups often leverage varioust types of technology within their infrastructure, including:

  • IoT
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Automation
  • Data Analytics and AI
  • Robotics
  • Climate Control and Nutrient Delivery Systems
  • Remote Monitoring and Control

Vertical farming’s success heavily relies on maintaining precise environmental conditions, and water quality is at the forefront of these considerations.

Water is the lifeblood of any agricultural endeavor, and it’s even more critical in vertical farming. Not only does water nourish the plants, but it also serves as a heat sink to regulate the microclimate. Any imbalance in water quality can lead to stunted growth, disease, or even crop failure. Digital water technology steps in to ensure no gaps in nutrient delivery or environmental control disrupt a crop’s growing cycle.

Farmers can ensure that water quality and quantity are constantly monitored and adjusted in real-time with cutting-edge digital water technologies. These systems can maintain ideal pH levels and nutrient concentrations and alert farmers to potential issues, such as drops in water quality, bacterial contamination, or irregular water flow.

KETOS: A Natural Choice for Water Quality Monitoring in Vertical Farming Setups

KETOS SHIELD is uniquely positioned to ensure water quality monitoring for indoor agriculture setups. With its advanced features and seamless integration, it’s no wonder that KETOS won the Best AI/Automation Development award. Here’s why KETOS is the go-to choice for vertical farmers:

  • Precision Monitoring: KETOS SHIELD offers real-time water quality monitoring, enabling farmers to maintain optimal crop conditions. It measures critical parameters like pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, etc.
  • Data-Driven Insights: KETOS SHIELD doesn’t just collect data; it analyzes it. Machine learning algorithms identify patterns and trends, allowing farmers to make data-driven decisions, optimize crop growth, and reduce resource waste.
  • Alerts and Notifications: KETOS SHIELD is always vigilant. It sends instant alerts in case of deviations from preset parameters, ensuring issues are addressed promptly.
  • Remote Control: Thanks to KETOS SHIELD’s cloud-based platform, farmers can remotely monitor and control their water quality and irrigation systems, making it easier to manage their operations from anywhere at any time.
  • Water Conservation: KETOS SHIELD aids in efficient water management, ensuring that every drop is used wisely and minimizing water wastage.
  • Compliance Assurance: Vertical farming faces regulatory challenges related to water quality and safety. KETOS helps farmers confidently meet these standards.

Proven Results for Vertical Farming and Indoor Agriculture

KETOS has been embedded in the vertical farming industry for years and we’ve worked with vertical farmers to help them manage and monitor their water infrastructure within the context of vertical farming. You can find more information about how KETOS works for indoor agriculture setups via our:


We at KETOS are immensely proud to receive the 2023 Vertical Farming World Award for Best AI/Automation Development. This recognition reaffirms our dedication to making water quality monitoring in vertical farming as seamless and efficient as possible. With KETOS SHIELD, we’re not just providing technology; we’re enabling the future of agriculture, ensuring that vertical and indoor agriculture farmers have the tools they need to nourish communities sustainably.

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