Bowery Farming Expands Use of KETOS, Measuring Water Quality in Real-Time

KETOS and Bowery Farming recently announced their new partnership! Bowery Farming, the largest vertical farming organization in the United States, is poised to expand its use of KETOS technology for autonomous real-time water quality monitoring across multiple farm locations. This growing collaboration represents a significant step forward for both organizations and showcases the transformative potential of cutting-edge digital water technology.

Bowery Farming, known for its intelligent indoor farms that produce fresher, pesticide-free, protected produce all year round, is now incorporating the KETOS SHIELD solution to enhance process optimization and ensure lab-accurate water quality data. By doing so, Bowery will be able to maintain the highest standards of water, plant, and nutritional health, thereby providing premium-quality, pesticide-free, and nutritious food to communities across the country.

How KETOS Enabled Better Monitoring for Bowery 

KETOS’ unique approach to water monitoring for vertical farming is unique on multiple fronts, including:

Real-Time Monitoring of Water Quality: KETOS enables Bowery to monitor water quality in real time, giving them a dynamic view of water composition and characteristics. This real-time data empowers Bowery to take immediate corrective actions, ensuring optimal crop growth and superior product quality.

Lab-Accurate Results on Any Device: Through KETOS’s sophisticated IoT communication framework and robust software platform, Bowery receives lab-accurate water quality results securely via any device, including phones, laptops, and tablets. This seamless accessibility ensures that water operators can make informed decisions conveniently from wherever they are, fostering operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Coverage of 30+ Parameters: KETOS sets itself apart by monitoring over 30 parameters, including heavy metals and environmental factors. This extensive coverage provides a holistic understanding of water quality from one central device, making it a reliable and comprehensive water management solution.

Cost-Effective Solution with $0-CAPEX Model: With KETOS’s innovative $0-CAPEX model, Bowery experiences reduced overhead costs. Eliminating capital expenditures, costs related to ancillary equipment, and labor expenses (associated with manual sampling, handheld devices, and third-party lab analysis) translates to substantial cost savings, making KETOS a financially savvy choice for water management.

Rapid Implementation and Seamless Onboarding: KETOS ensures quick and efficient onboarding, allowing teams at various Bowery locations to be up and running quickly. The straightforward implementation process minimizes disruption to operations, enabling Bowery to reap the benefits of KETOS technology swiftly.

Expert Maintenance and Software Updates: With KETOS, maintenance, and regular software updates are expertly handled by trained KETOS personnel. This proactive approach ensures that Bowery’s water intelligence system remains cutting-edge, with the latest advancements in technology and security.

As KETOS and Bowery join forces across more locations, they exemplify the power of innovative technology to revolutionize the water industry. KETOS’s real-time monitoring capabilities, seamless access to lab-accurate results, and comprehensive parameter coverage empower Bowery Farming to achieve unparalleled crop quality, water efficiency, and sustainability.

Bowery’s commitment to reimagining the future of food, coupled with KETOS’s mission to change the way the world thinks about water, signifies a shared vision for a more sustainable and water-conscious future. Together, they are driving positive change and ensuring that generations will have access to this quintessential resource – water.

Read the full press release here.

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