Bowery Farming Expands Use of KETOS, Measuring Water Quality in Real-Time

KETOS, Inc., a water intelligence innovator, announced today that Bowery Farming, the largest vertical farming company in the U.S, is expanding its use of KETOS to autonomously monitor water quality in real-time across farm locations.

Bowery builds smart indoor farms near cities, growing fresher, pesticide-free Protected Produce in precisely controlled environments, 365 days a year. The KETOS SHIELD solution supports Bowery’s process optimization, eliminates lab costs related to manual water testing, and offers lab-accurate water quality data to support crop yield, while managing nutrient concentration and product quality.

“Integrating the KETOS units into our farms enables us to maintain the highest quality of water, plant, and nutritional health,” said Tyler Anderson, Lead Agricultural Systems Manager, Bowery. “Understanding water composition for a wide variety of characteristics in near real time is an important enabler to achieving the kinds of high quality, pesticide-free, and nutritious food Bowery would like to make available to all.”

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