Monitor 30+ Parameters in Real-Time with KETOS

water quality testing for 30 parameters

As utilities and industries continue to upgrade and digitize water management and infrastructure for water quality testing, many traditional approaches are not as efficient and effective as they could be.

The Historical Challenge of Monitoring Water

For example, traditionally, each piece of equipment that provided data remained in its own silo, and each dataset needed to be extracted individually, then pieced together by a data scientist. Also, upfront costs related to purchasing equipment were traditionally high. Not to mention, additional costs were incurred along the way with manual labor required for pulling samples, or downtime caused by an imbalance of chemicals, a build-up of solids, or a leak that had to be identified and repaired.

Therefore, modern water operators have been seeking autonomous solutions for water quality testing that can reduce costs of operation, help prevent downtime, and communicate with other devices, or systems, to centralize all water data. More and more, operators want more real-time analysis to help them react quickly to realities on the ground instead of looking at historical data, which doesn’t help them adjust their practices until weeks or months after the fact (if at all).

KETOS SHIELD: Smart Water Management

KETOS is a vertically integrated water intelligence platform that answers the call for many water operators. Not only does it monitor water in real-time, its proprietary DaaS $0-CAPEX approach to water management means that operators can plug the system into their existing infrastructure without high up-front costs. 

The SHIELD hardware is self-calibrating, self-cleaning, and can be programmed to monitor over 30 parameters and allows operators to set threshold alerts to give them time to react to changing water conditions before situations become critical.

The solution is also interoperable, meaning that it will work with existing systems, such as SCADA architecture, allowing users to centralize their data for a better holistic understanding of what is happening across their water network and infrastructure.

Lab Accurate Water Quality Testing and Monitoring for 30+ Parameters

KETOS monitors with parts per billion (PPB) specificity and lab accuracy that is industry-specific. The KETOS SHIELD can monitor for:

(Continuous Detection)

(Scheduled Detection)

Heavy Metals
(Scheduled Detection)

(Scheduled Detection)

Being a fully integrated system, SHIELD allows water operators across industries access to:

  • Automate reporting with smart water analytics
  • Receive real-time alerts
  • Set EPA-compliant/custom threshold-based diagnostics
  • Configure customizable reports
  • Analyze historical trend mapping
  • Gain mission-critical insights


The system constantly analyzes water for water quality testing, and, using those data points, ingests it using AI and machine learning to help organizations to stop looking backward and start looking forward. Trends can be predicted, and processes can be refined to help reduce downtime and drive down costs.

In the end, the total cost of a KETOS SHIELD solution – including its unlimited testing and analysis, costs about the same as 2-4 lab samples per month.

KETOS for Water Quality Testing Across Industries

Every business is different, and utilities have their own unique requirements. While certain companies need their water to be free of contaminants, others want to measure and monetize water.

No matter what your unique needs, KETOS can help. Using KETOS SHIELD, water managers can:

  • Manage, monitor, and monetize water as a resource
  • Understand groundwater contamination through active well-water and effluent monitoring
  • Reduce costs associated with pipe replacement through proactive corrosion identification
  • Use nutrient-balanced water to irrigate crops for land use/vertical farming
  • Monitor drinking water safety for communal use
  • Provide water quality consistency in food and beverage operations
  • And more.


Are you ready to experience how KETOS SHIELD can help your organization lower your water costs while providing more analytics, insights, and cost savings for smarter water usage? Contact us and book a demo today.

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