KETOS SHIELD Expands Water Quality Monitoring Capabilities

In a move that will continue to transform water quality monitoring, KETOS has unveiled the latest parameters capable of lab-accurate monitoring via KETOS SHIELD. The SHIELD now boasts an expanded set of monitoring capabilities designed to detect ammonia, nitrates, and sulfates

This announcement ushers in a new era of real-time insights, enabling organizations, particularly those involved in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), to comprehensively analyze critical water parameters and take proactive measures for sustainable water management.

Ammonia, nitrates, and sulfates are crucial indicators of water quality, as their presence can signify a range of environmental factors, from agricultural runoff to industrial discharges. Monitoring these parameters in real-time offers invaluable advantages to various sectors.

Understanding the Significance of Ammonia, Nitrates, and Sulfates Monitoring

Ammonia and nitrates often find their way into water sources through industrial processes, agricultural activities, and runoff from fertilized soil. 

Moreover, water supplies in agricultural regions are particularly susceptible to nitrate contamination. Potential issues can be identified and mitigated by closely monitoring levels.

On the other hand, sulfates can be a natural byproduct of organic matter breakdown or result from industrial and municipal discharges. Detecting sulfate levels is crucial for maintaining water safety and regulatory compliance, especially for mining, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries.

Disrupting Traditional Approaches with KETOS SHIELD

KETOS SHIELD’s innovation is not limited to its expanded monitoring parameters; it represents a paradigm shift in water quality management. Traditional water sampling and analysis methods are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and often fail to provide real-time insights. KETOS disrupts this status quo by offering a comprehensive, fully integrated solution that combines patented hardware, an IoT communication framework, and a robust software platform. With KETOS, companies can monitor for various parameters, based on their individual needs, all from one centralized device.

One of the critical advantages of KETOS SHIELD is its ability to deliver lab-accurate results for more than 30 water parameters in real-time. This level of precision is paramount for industries where even slight deviations can have far-reaching consequences. Furthermore, KETOS SHIELD introduces a game-changing subscription model with zero upfront capital expenditure ($0-CAPEX), significantly reducing financial barriers for budget-conscious organizations seeking advanced water quality monitoring.

Empowering Industries for a Sustainable Future

KETOS’ technology empowers various industries to proactively manage their water resources for a more sustainable future. 

Moreover, KETOS SHIELD’s 24/7 automated system ensures continuous access to critical water quality analytics. This level of connectivity is invaluable for safeguarding public health, conducting safety assurance tests, liability protection, and enhancing overall consumer well-being.

With KETOS’ expansion of monitoring capabilities, water quality management is only becoming easier.

By introducing real-time monitoring of ammonia, nitrates, and sulfates, KETOS empowers industries with actionable insights that drive informed decision-making. As organizations strive for sustainability and regulatory compliance, KETOS offers a transformative solution that saves time, money, and labor costs and preserves our most essential resource – water – for generations to come.

Read the full press release announcing the release of new water monitoring parameters here.

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