KETOS SHIELD R&D: Building an Award-Winning Water Quality Solution

KETOS recently held a Linkedin Live session and introduced the team behind the award-winning KETOS SHIELD technology. This cutting-edge technology is uniquely capable of monitoring surface water, treatment water discharge, industrial wastewater, and more via our proprietary water quality monitoring software.

The unique aspect of KETOS SHIELD is the intersection of both hardware and software, sensors and cloud storage, connectivity, and data analysis. These remote monitoring instruments coupled with cloud-based water monitoring applications and accurate data logging allow water operators to develop water quality monitoring programs at scale. In order to deliver a market-ready device, KETOS boasts a diverse team of material scientists, physicists, chemists, electromechanical engineers, robotic engineers, cloud architects, and data scientists. This diversity is our strength and has resulted in a software platform that’s changing the way operators in municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications perform on-site lab-accurate water quality testing and achieve real-time data acquisition for proactive water and wastewater management.

Solving for Unique Challenges Within the Water Industry

While the KETOS SHIELD is a simple to use remote water monitoring system from a customer-facing standpoint, the team faces many exciting challenges on the backend – and our unique collection of experts have risen to the early challenges of adapting our hardware-based smart water monitoring solution and cloud-based water management software to unexpected on-site realities. 

Making a piece of hardware work in a lab is one thing. Ensuring remote monitoring solutions will work on-site to automatically monitor various parameters in ever-changing environments requires much more thought and creativity.

There are immense challenges for remote monitoring solutions when dealing with adverse uncontrollable conditions such as temperature and weather, for example. With part of the team thinking of new water quality control challenges the product itself may face, the hardware team does the work of finding solutions that make KETOS SHIELD not only perform – and do so reliably as a real-time water monitoring solution – not once but consistently.

No matter the environment (hot, cold, wet, dry), KETOS SHIELD will:

  • Offer laboratory-class equipment (with lab-precision results)
  • Remain flexible for new feature additions
  • Handle repetitive tasks reliably every single time
  • Work autonomously
  • Allow for interoperability within legacy systems
  • Operate reliably every single time

Growing Capabilities, Exceeding Expectations

The team applies time-tested technologies to the KETOS water monitoring system while simultaneously developing and perfecting new, patented technologies to build out a reliable remote monitoring solution. In addition, the team must ensure that the hardware and software will operate consistently in a wide range of environments including high and low temperatures, indoor, outdoor, and dusty conditions to name a few. To their credit, the KETOS team has built-in water monitoring capabilities that stand up to a variety of unique environmental conditions. 

After several generations of the KETOS SHIELD hardware, the team has learned how to adapt and deliver regardless of unique on-site conditions. That’s why when clients ask, “Is this going to work for me?” KETOS is able to point to a wide variety of real-world installation case studies with various on-site environmental challenges. Time and time again, the team has been able to directly address and overcome those challenges with ingenuity and creativity.

Check-in with the KETOS SHIELD team, hear about the latest R&D, and gain insights into how we’ve created a combination hardware-software powerhouse that can monitor water for dozens of contaminants that measure any combination (dissolved oxygen, heavy metals, pH, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, etc.) in real-time (with lab-precision) by catching the full recording of our Linkedin Live session here:


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