Tracxn Recognizes KETOS as Emerging Startups 2023: Top Smart Cities Startups

Tracxn has once again recognized KETOS as a Top Smart Cities Startup!

KETOS has been recognized by Traction in 2020, 2021, and 2023. This year, KETOS has been listed as a Minicorn of note.

Under Tracxn, a “minicorn” is a high-growth, early-stage venture (Series A+) ready to take its business to the next level and scale for accelerated growth.

Tracxn’s Smart Cities covers 1800+ startups. Companies are engaged, in one way or another, in providing connected hardware solutions for collecting, transmitting, and analyzing city-scale data on utilities, traffic, and the environment.

The Smart Cities sector is one of the most active sectors for investors. According to Tracxn, one-fifth of the funding for such ventures has been raised in the last three years.

KETOS and Smart City Setups

KETOS is uniquely positioned to help cities digitally transform their water infrastructure without the burden of high costs.

With KETOS, companies can easily plug new monitoring hardware into existing systems and centralize data collection. Even cities that already leverage Hach or SCADA systems can use KETOS and seamlessly integrate everything so that all reporting funnels through one system (KETOS) and app parameters can be housed under one digital home base (removing data silos to make data and insights easier to access and more transparent).

Using the modular, interoperable KETOS system, city utilities (drinking water, wastewater, etc.) can easily test for 30+ parameters in real-time – for an affordable price.

KETOS can help cities:


KETOS in Action: Read Our Case Studies

Various communities already use KETOS, including the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SWNA), The City of Savage in Minnesota, and Rio Rancho Water Utilities.

Southern Nevada Water Authority

In the case of SWNA, the community’s water source is well water. While relying on different locations and different aquifers, one parameter of concern remains constant for water operators constant: arsenic. SWNA uses KETOS to help monitor for arsenic and other contaminants, as well as:

  • Help test across multiple wells for “eyes on the field”
  • Lower costs
  • Automate sampling and testing


You can learn more about the work KETOS does with SNWA here.

Rio Rancho

KETOS also works with Rio Rancho, New Mexico. City utilities now gain real-time insights on their water using KETOS water quality monitoring technology. With KETOS SHIELD, the utility is able to access real-time information that helps them make proactive changes to removal capacity. The ability to eliminate inconstant water results and gain real-time, lab-accurate information in regard to water quality has been a game-changer in terms of gained efficiency. 

Learn more about Rio Rancho’s digital transformation in our case study here.

Savage, Minnesota

Like SNWA, the City of Savage, Minnesota, has diverse water sources, including wells from aquifers and water purchased from a neighboring city. With various sources of water, Savage needs to ensure uniform water quality for its citizens. Manual sampling, however, proves to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Since working with KETOS, the city has simplified its sampling process and is better able to keep a close eye on water quality.

Learn more about KETOS’ implementation in the City of Savage here.

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