Water Monitoring for Accuracy in Real-time

Water Monitoring in Real Time

Lab-Accurate results are possible for water monitoring on-site and in real-time.

Traditionally, operators have faced a variety of challenges related to measuring water quality on-site. This may be for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Needing a different device for each parameter tested 
  • Struggling to maintain instrumentation accuracy via regular cleaning and recalibration
  • Highly manual testing and recording processes that become ad hoc over time

These roadblocks have led many to assume that accuracy is only possible from a laboratory. However, with KETOS’ IaaS approach to water testing, lab-quality results are at anyone’s fingertips in real-time.

Lab-Quality Results Across Parameters

IaaS doesn’t just deliver on one parameter. KETOS Shield can handle water monitoring for 20+ contaminants, including:

It can also measure most metals as low as one part per billion (ppb), well below EPA established parameters.

The IaaS self-cleaning, self-calibrating approach delivers results that range from +/-3% to +/-10 percent of what a NELAC lab offers. It manages this with no staff maintenance effort – ensuring organizations save working hours, reduce overall lab costs, and eliminate wait times.

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Accurate Water Monitoring

Accuracy is more than just the precision of each numerical reading. It is also a reflection of how well the entire water monitoring system enables users to make more informed business operations decisions. 

An IaaS solution with robotic control over cleaning, calibration, and test execution can deliver:

  • Remote-Controlled Testing. No more manually pulling samples! With IaaS, users can initiate, schedule, and monitor testing requirements at any time for a variety of metrics. This keeps users in charge, even as new data requirements arise.
  • Real-Time Data. Users have visibility into the latest updates from anywhere, any time. Role-based access is available to authorized users via mobile apps and web-based browsers. 
  • A Water-Safety Grid. KETOS is an IaaS solution that is modular. Any type of infrastructure can be monitored from every angle. Displays use GIS location-based and mapping to show live sensor and system diagnostic data in detail. IaaS gives operators a greater understanding of water networks and their changing status. 
  • Threshold-Based Alerts. Users can calibrate external and internal thresholds and quality controls at their required levels of granularity. 
  • Trend Learning. IaaS provides users with the ability to correlate time-stamped data across interrelated parameters. AI and machine-based learning offer users a better historical context for all water operations. Data can be shared for offline monitoring even as it continues to incorporate new external data for expanded in-depth understanding. 
  • Resource Efficiency Improvement. Organizations gain resource efficiencies across:
    • Labor
    • Process optimization
    • Material costs
    • Etc.
  • Predictive Maintenance. By analyzing maintenance activity needs against actual time-of-use and field readings, operators can build predictive maintenance alerts into the system. 

Implementing an IaaS solution into your operation can help centralize data for a better, more accurate overview of your operations. If you’d like more insights into how KETOS can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure to improve your operational accuracy, contact us and schedule a demo.


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