Water Quality Parameters: Monitoring with a $0 CAPEX

Affordable Water Quality Parameters

It’s common for public and private entities that test for water quality parameters, or do water quality monitoring for efficiency often have infrastructure comprised of in-house solutions assembled piecemeal. There’s often a mix of everything, from purchased instruments to data transmission services to install software, which comes with hidden costs that include initial integration and ongoing maintenance.

On top of that, many organizations have one instrument that measures one parameter and would need to buy a whole new device if another parameter measurement is suddenly required. They may still need to manually pull samples to send to a lab, which costs time, money, and staff hours.

A leased IaaS solution, on the other hand, streamlines measurements while maximizing efficiency, leading to immediate cost savings with very little up-front investment with a $0 CapEx model. Its hardware, software, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity, maintenance service, and consumables can provide core water monitoring needs. The solution is also flexible in adapting to changing conditions and working within the existing infrastructure constructs. This means you don’t have to remove equipment to add it.

Implementing Water Quality Parameters While Reducing CAPEX

IaaS can achieve the needs of an existing business or utility for a cost that’s equivalent to three to four laboratory tests per month (depending on your geographical location). With KETOS, all expenses associated with hardware, software, maintenance, training, etc., are rolled into the KETOS monthly service fee, giving operators complete visibility to costs without high up-front expenditures.

Savings continue to multiply due to improved efficiencies in testing and maintenance. An IaaS $0 CapEx business model can save an operator money via: 

  • No Equipment Costs Or Responsibilities. IaaS provides all instrumentation, communications infrastructure, and cloud hosting and storage without any capital expense or support responsibilities.
  • No Manual Sampling Labor Or Delays. Fully automated IaaS solutions with multiparameter test capabilities help users eliminate the time and expense of manual water quality sampling and the delays caused by laboratory testing. 
  • Virtually Unlimited Testing. The ability to choose multiple parameters from a list of available metrics, designate reading frequency, and modify those choices as requirements change (all under one fixed fee per sampling unit) provides a clearer picture of water system performance for better decision-making and compliance reporting.
  • No Separate Communication Costs Or Responsibilities. A proper cloud-based IaaS solution includes all connectivity (cellular, long-range WiFi, or Ethernet) at no extra charge, regardless of the volume or frequency of data transmission. 
  • No Maintenance Fees. Automated self-cleansing and self-calibration capabilities in IaaS measurement units promote consistent accuracy without requiring any in-house labor commitment. Under the lease agreement/monthly fee, IaaS can also eliminate labor and surcharges related to initial installation, consumables replenishment, and regularly scheduled maintenance services. 
  • No Hidden Support Costs. A comprehensive IaaS solution will also include behind-the-scenes support needed to deliver better insights. This includes:
    • Secure, role-based access for unlimited users within a single organization
    • Consumables
    • replacement parts
    • Warranties
    • software upgrades
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • 8×5 regular business hour support
  • Added Value And Flexibility. Finally, an enterprise-grade IaaS platform provides added value well beyond the monitoring metrics of day-to-day operations. Intelligent data analytics complement real-time alerts, location-based mapping, automated compliance reporting, and interoperability within existing resources. These aspects avoid the limitations of siloed data systems and make leveraging measurement insights easier and more complete. 

If you are interested in learning more about the KETOS $0 CapEx business model and how we can help your organization with your unique water quality parameters, schedule a demo here.

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