Water Quality Reliability: Meet the Award-Winning KETOS SHIELD Team

KETOS water quality reliability

The KETOS SHIELD is a critical component of the KETOS Smart Water Intelligence Platform – which enables water operators to automate water quality monitoring and analysis for water quality reliability.

Recently, our team sat down together to discuss how they’re building a solution that allows utilities and businesses to monitor and learn about their water quality in real-time. The KETOS team makes it possible to build a hardware-meets-software platform that tests for dozens of parameters (and counting!). But the true magic comes in making each water quality test, immediate, reliable, and lab-accurate. Building a platform switch so many moving pieces – and with the need to remain accurate and reliable, even in challenging conditions, is what makes KETOS – and the team the builds it – one of a kind. And here’s your chance to understand just how much thought and attention goes into every detail.


During this broadcast, you will meet the team behind the award-winning KETOS SHIELD. Members of the hardware, software, and KETOS R&D teams will broadcast live from KETOS HQ.

In addition, you will learn about:

  • The latest improvements to the KETOS SHIELD that make it even more durable and reliable in outdoor and industrial environments
  • How the KETOS software team designs software to automate reporting and alerts and leverage millions of existing data points to generate predictive insights
  • How the KETOS R&D works to continuously evolve the KETOS SHIELD to ensure lab accuracy for water quality reliability


A Constantly Iterating Award-Winning Technology

KETOS is currently working with companies across multiple industries, including vertical farming, municipalities, manufacturing, and more. We’re continuing to grow across verticals and are constantly adding more test parameters to help current and potential clients collect as much data as possible to help their operations run smoothly. If you have more questions about our KETOS technology, feel free to request a demo or download one of your factsheets.

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