The Ease of Installing KETOS

Many water quality monitoring solutions require expensive and sometimes complex installs. However, getting technologically advanced equipment to fit into legacy infrastructure can pose a challenge. While organizations understand the importance of moving towards digital solutions for water monitoring, they may be intimidated by the cost implications and the difficulty in making a digital solution work in existing processes. 

Many existing solutions don’t just slip into place amongst existing equipment which can make change painful. However, with KETOS, the installation was designed to be a breeze. We’ve removed the friction so that companies can speed up their digital transformation in a meaningful way.

Breakwater Energy, for example, recently installed a KETOS system for their oil and gas operations, and they couldn’t believe how simple it was to integrate. You can listen in on their experience here:

Making Digital Transformation Easy for Water Monitoring Requirements

When it comes to installation and integration, it’s easy to get KETOS up and running, no matter the vertical. KETOS provides a dedicated technician for the job. They take the time to learn the business operations and the site conditions before setting up the system to understand how an organization works and all the pre-existing moving parts that require consideration. 

Each client has unique requirements, and taking the time to understand how KETOS can plug into existing equipment is the first step in ensuring a successful digital water rollout. Once ready, with operations mapped out and understood, the KETOS technician will install the hardware and set up the software. Once the hardware is set-up and the software is configured, both on-site operators and leadership have remote access to data and reporting 24/7. Training for setting thresholds and choosing monitoring parameters is available with KETOS making sure everyone involved has the knowledge and access they’ll need to utilize KETOS to its fullest potential. 

Going Modular and Gaining Insights Through Interoperability

Another unique aspect of a KETOS installation is its modular and interoperable design. Since each operation is unique, the KETOS design fits precisely where the company needs it. While some organizations may be moving towards digital monitoring, others may already have existing equipment that might monitor for certain specific parameters. In addition, some companies may just need one monitoring device for influent intakes (or effluent), whereas others may require different levels of water quality for various operations within the same factory or site. 

With KETOS, installations are strategically located at various nodes throughout an organization’s operations. That means KETOS devices can be installed anywhere within a process to pull water from specific locations. Then, each device uploads to the cloud, where water operators will be able to see each site (and reading) in real-time.

KETOS is also interoperable. Users can plug the solution into existing infrastructure and connect it with other water monitors (such as SCADA systems). This allows operators to centralize their data and monitor everything from one source of truth. Data silos have become a thing of the past, and data scientists will no longer need to compile information from individual sources to build meaningful full-picture reports.

KETOS: Ready for Challenging Conditions

While KETOS performs in indoor and outdoor environments, did you know that the devices can also handle the most challenging conditions and operate independently, even in remote locations?

KETOS technicians have installed KETOS SHIELD for operators that require water quality monitoring for their remote locations. Permanent KETOS installations also remove the need for operators to send their personnel to sites that may be hard to reach or lack sufficient infrastructure (like roads or other on-site facilities). With remote installation, even organizations that need to cover large geographical areas won’t have trouble staying up-to-date on the latest water data.

Self-Calibrating and Serviced By KETOS for One Low Monthly Fee

As a self-cleaning, self-calibrating system, KETOS doesn’t need constant maintenance. The standalone hardware is always ready for monitoring. Even after installation, KETOS will schedule regular (quarterly) maintenance on the devices and ensure the platform is in constant working order for consistent reliability.

KETOS also offers $0-CAPEX. Organizations no longer have to pay for expensive equipment or installation processes. Everything, from setup to monitoring to regular maintenance, is covered under one low monthly fee. Each water sample is pulled for pennies on the dollar, ensuring that, no matter how big or small the operation, water monitoring becomes more regular and more affordable than ever.


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